My History, OUR FUTURE

Throughout my life, I’ve had the great fortune to find inspiration while meeting many influential and creative individuals. These people didn't know that I was secretly hurting with my trauma and past, and so went to inspire me to continue walking down the path I was on. Eventually, that led me to want more in life than what I was handed, now looking to the future there are many things I wish to achieve.

Tell your story the way you see fit but make others a part of it and know your story is now "Our Journey" 

OJM is a non for profit, with our first magazine being worked on as you read this with a release date of 20 AUG 21 I'm sure we won't disappoint.

For the future, we aim to release a monthly magazine where the monthly profits go to an Ex-serving/Current Australian veteran/veterans family in need.


Help me, help others. 

Support us by liking our social media accounts and bring awareness to OJM, Storytelling in the form of photography. 

On behalf of the OJM team, thank you.